We deliver analytics solutions that has a direct impact to the bottom line.

Our approach considers the whole data lifecycle…

While data is available in volumes and speeds never seen before, brands remain uncertain about what their customers really think about them. Businesses continue to build strategies based on who they understood their customers to be, yesterday, months, or even years ago.

Our real-time self-learning products and solutions find you stories and insights, helping you make sense of your data faster than you ever did or could.

Data Engineering Solutions that enable value creation from data

  • NIS Data Quality Assurance
  • NIS Data Refinery
  • NIS Modern Data Integration Solutions
  • NIS Analytics APIs
  • NIS Deep Learning Virtual Machine

Data Visualization Solutions that is about speed to value

  • NIS Hive Operational Dashboard
  • NIS Console Tactical Dashboard
  • NIS Diagnostic Analytical Dashboard
  • NIS Radar Predictive Dashboard
  • NIS Navigator Strategic Dashboard

Real world business applications of Data Science

  • NIS Sentiment Analysis
  • NIS Text Classification Model
  • NIS Customer Management Models
  • NIS Customer Value Management Model
  • NIS Predictive Analytics Models

How does lloopp gain insights for the Health industry?


 What insights can lloopp provide for Manufacturing firms?


What insights can you gain from Tourism & Travel?


 How can lloopp insights help your Retail business?


The best vision is insight.

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