At the core of lloopp’s products & services is lloopp™ Platform, an adaptable, scalable, and modular software that provides real-time and closed-loop cognitive and experiential learning analytics. lloopp™ Platform seamlessly integrates its infrastructure layers with other non-lloopp components.

  • Sensory – ingests massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in various forms (Data Ingestion & Data Variety)
  • Learning & Reasoning – analyzes data in real-time, using models designed to learn by experience, culture, contexts, and/or environment (Semantic and Systems Adaption)
  • Action – triggers analysis-based actions through a workflow engine that provides feedback to/from other platforms (Action)

lloopp™ Platform Solutions

B2B Customer Journey Suite

The Customer Journey Suite is composed of the following products: Deep Brand Sentiment (DBS), Deep Customer Genome (DCG) and the Customer Journey Optimizer (CJO), which can be deployed individually or as a set, and can be utilized by Digital Marketing organizations to complement their existing market research tools and expertise.

Product features
Customer Journey SuiteIndividually or as a Set of Products
• Deep Brand Sentiment
• Deep Customer Genome
• Customer Journey Optimizer
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Digital Transformation Solutions

Beyond the context of Customer, Brands, and Products & Services, the lloopp Platform is able to apply its deep learning capabilities to various types of data sets across different industries and fields such as Health and Medicine (i.e. analyzing Malaria Strains to predict stages of disease) and, Power and Energy (i.e. analyzing drilling effectiveness), among other possible areas for discovery.

Product features
Data Consolidation
Pattern Identification
Data Segmentation
Predictive Analysis & Models
Model Visualization
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