lloopp joins Smart Nation Innovations’ InnovFest UnBound

The Innovfest: Unbound was held last May 16-17 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, bringing in a community of professionals and innovators within the media-tech sphere. In the event, people from the startup community, the education sector, and top corporations exchanged knowledge and participated in cultivating technological opportunities that benefited all sectors.

lloopp™, as a finalist for the iGX@Sentosa Challenge, participated in the events under Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) Tech Alley showcase. Featuring all technological innovations that Sentosa aim to bring into their customer experience, lloopp™ presented their 360° Customer Engagement solution, driven by Deep Learning applications.

In lloopp’s showcase, participants and exhibitors alike dropped by to witness the experience themselves. Startup founders, investors, members of the academe, and corporate executives took a look at how their online persona can be captured and matched with a personalized offer on the fly. From creating person genomes that help businesses understand their customers beyond what their traditional business knowledge and data can deliver, to developing and establishing brand presence through genomes generated from the web sphere, many of the visitors discovered that lloopp’s roster of products and solutions could answer their key needs and interests.

lloopp™ helps enable companies become intelligent enterprises through deep learning technology. Deep machine learning is a branch of machine learning that is best associated with the use of neural networks, and recursive and deep feature seeking. lloopp™ applies this technology to natural language, images, and other unstructured data to deliver new attributes and deeper understanding. They reignite patterns and predict events and behaviors, then act on them by learning from the results. lloopp’s proposition excited many of its guests, as companies can now make better data-driven decisions.


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