Big Data and Deep Machine Learning

Deep Learning is at the core of all lloopp™ products. Where you would otherwise need domain expertise, programming skills, and statistical knowledge to understand huge volumes of data, lloopp™ uses Deep Learning so it can automatically recognize patterns from data, extract many nuanced attributes, and create actionable insights.

How are we different?

  • We focus on customers at the individual level and make aggregations across processes, products, iBeacon sites, etc. to allow unlimited views with unprecedented discovery and insights guided by experts’ and data scientists’ inputs. As a result, enterprises are able to dramatically improve digital marketing, selling, value chain and operations improvements.
  • Maintaining our database of more than 100 global brands and millions of associated brands continuously improves our proprietary genome taxonomies
  • We have the ability to execute tens of thousands of rules and actions, monitor results in real time and concurrently do closed loop learning to deliver greater conversions each time

Wide application of Digenomics

  • The resulting models from DiGenomics are stored in lloopp’s Genome Vault.
  • Depending on the use cases, relevant models can be armed into lloopp’s Rules and Workflow Engines to run campaigns, do predictions, and perform other more complex analyses.
  • Use cases include measuring brand effectiveness, market basket analyses, offer matching, issues identification, persuasive recommendations, and many more.