Customer Journey Optimizer (CJO) allows organizations to design and enable personalized experiences that engage their customers. By combining customer insights from Deep Brand Sentiment and customer segment profiling of Deep Customer Genome, the CJO generates product or service recommendations to targeted customers that can be fine-tuned as unique usage patterns/paths are identified and refined with customer feedback and updated prediction scores.

Product features:

Recommendation EnginePresents user experience paths based on data that identified and correlates customer deep attributes (personas, lifestyles, preferences) and context (sentiments, location, time, device, and social links)
Campaign Management/
Automatic Campaign Generation
Sets user defined campaign triggers and creates campaigns by sending targeted messages via email and/or SMS; generates sets of rules and attributes that may be used for campaign management
Self-LearningCreates unique offer mechanics for each customer as it gathers more data and learns from experience – determining which recommendations customers liked or did not like
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