We help businesses and organizations unlock the power of their data.


lloopp™ specializes in big data analytics, combining both data science and business expertise to analyze data and deliver actionable insights to positively impact a company’s profitability and operational efficiency.

lloopp™ helps industries utilize the power of analytics and data-driven thinking when it comes to making important business decisions by teaching customers to look at their analytics as a competitive advantage.

Founded in September 2015, lloopp™ is headquartered in Singapore, with operations in the Philippines. lloopp™ is part of the Berjaya Innovation Group, under the Berjaya Berhad Group of Malaysia with diverse interests in financial services, consumer products & services, property investment & development, hotels & resorts, gaming, and restaurants as well as innovative information technology related services, solutions, and products.


Let us show you how analytics can change the way you do business.

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